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Product Solutions

CRM and Sales

Sales and customer care

A satisfied customer is essential for success in any business. We can help you find new customers, respond to customer demand in a flexible and timely manner, provide customer services for your products, evaluate your sales performance and highlight any areas of under-performance in your profitability.


  • Do you supply end customers? Do you need to manage your sales force to find new customers, evaluate sales opportunities and develop effective marketing activities? QAD CRM does that for you
  • Do you have regular customers and need to automate your communication with them? Just-In-Time ordering and deliveries are supported by QAD schedules and call-offs and by EDI-based electronic communication directly with the information systems of your customers
  • Do you need to open new sales channels? Install the m.b2b online portal. Customers will be able to directly engage with you with their orders appearing in your information system without the need for assistance by your sales force
  • Do you sell complex, configurable products? Let your customers choose for themselves the product variant that suits them best with QAD Configurator
  • Do you need to optimise the distribution of products to your customers? Plantour optimises truck loading and routing based on capacity and customer location
  • Do customers make you own the inventory in their warehouses until the moment of consumption? Automate the entire process with the QAD Consignment module
  • Do you supply complex products, including aftersales services? QAD Customer Service manages your customer support while tracking the profitability of these support services. Do you ship large quantities of products and find your inventory size challenging? QAD Managed Warehouse helps manage your warehouse in the most efficient way
  • Remember to analyse your sales. QAD Decision Support shows where you generate profit or loss

QAD Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Increase your sales with customer acquisition and retention. Maximise the success of your products with QAD CRM. Effectively manage the activities of your salespeople, marketing activities and customer service.

With QAD CRM you get:

  • Time savings for sales personnel and sales management by optimising the management of all sales activity and market behaviour data
  • Sales personnel substitutability – all sales information stays in the system
  • Increased customer loyalty by systematically improving customer satisfaction
  • Improved sales and revenues by uncovering new business opportunities and streamlining bid management


  • QAD CRM contains all your existing and prospective customers, contacts and competitors, including all additional relevant information
  • Each salesperson has complete visibility of all customer activities (visits, phone calls, e-mails…)
  • Each salesperson has an activity plan that is continually updated
  • Each sales opportunity (RFP, bid, ...) is managed in QAD CRM leaving a salesperson to focus his/her activities on securing the business
  • Company management has insight into market potential in the form of graphs and decision-making boards
  • Marketing can define campaigns, select the target customers and define activities to plan and implement the campaigns
  • QAD CRM coordinates the work of all your sales and marketing resources
  • QAD CRM evaluates marketing campaigns in terms of costs and business opportunities acquired and provides detailed statistics of your activities
  • QAD CRM provides your sales personnel with information about existing customer complaints and incidents while also enabling the registration of new ones which can be forwarded to the service department

QAD EDI eCommerce

Digitalisation and recording documents manually sent between customers and suppliers is a waste of time for both your Sales and Purchasing teams. Why not communicate directly with the information systems of your customers and suppliers? With QAD EDI eCommerce you can direct incoming documents automatically to the correct target processes in your information system as well as send documents directly from your information system. No user assistance is required.

With QAD EDI eCommerce you get:

  • Time savings for your sales and purchasing teams
  • Compliance with standards for automated communication with your business partners
  • Reduced error and delays caused by manually copying data


  • QAD EDI eCommerce fully automates the transmission of EDI messages between your system and those of your customers and suppliers
  • Communication can take place either directly with other information systems or through an EDI provider, such as Editel, Teledin, etc.
  • Quick deployment is ensured through pre-set message formats for specific customers
  • Pre-set EDI messages:
    • Sales Orders
    • Customer Schedules and call-offs
    • Advance Ship Notices (ASN)
    • Invoices and self-bills
    • Purchase Orders
    • Supplier Schedules and call-offs
    • Advance Ship Notices from suppliers
    • Kanban
  • Other message types can be user-defined, including customer-specific formats
  • QAD EDI eCommerce supports automotive standards, such as VDA, ANSI X12, ODETTE, EDIFACT, as well as retail, e.g. EDIFACT and EANCOM

Plantour - Delivery Route Optimisation

Do you often deliver large quantities to your customers? You can reduce your growing costs by optimising the delivery routes. With Plantour, your dispatchers will be efficient and fast.

With Plantour, you get:

  • Dispatcher time savings and optimised deliveries
  • Distribution cost reduction by 15-30 % through more efficient planning of delivery routes – lower mileage, fewer vehicles, shorter delivery times
  • Adherence to delivery times in the designated opening hours of your customers
  • Transparency of transport costs by vehicle, customer, product etc.


  • Plantour imports shipping orders from the information system, including customer delivery addresses and lists of goods complete with volume and weight details
  • Plantour contains a list of all available vehicles, including their carrying capacity and size
  • Plantour uses digital maps to propose vehicle loading and delivery routes to maximise the use of your available vehicles, meet the delivery requirements of your customers and keep shipping costs to a minimum
  • Users may modify the proposed routes, as well as simulate alternative scenarios
  • Route planning also supports different company locations and delivery depots
  • Plantour submits the routes to the information system which then organises the correct loading plan and generates the appropriate delivery notes
  • Plantour uses a mobile device to navigate the driver along the planned route. It also monitors the actual route, current vehicle position, refuelling stops as well as non-standard vehicle behaviour for the dispatcher, while also tracking maintenance costs and maintaining the vehicle logbook
  • Plantour provides the route plan, comparative analyses (plan vs. actual), an evaluation of vehicle utilisation efficiency (in-house vs. outsourced transport), a summary of vehicle payload utilisation, an overview of crew productivity overview as well as supporting data for driver remuneration
  • Plantour is useful in the following sectors:
    • Food, beverage, fruit, vegetables, medicinal products
    • Electronics, consumer products, furniture
    • Printed materials, parcels
    • Waste collection
    • Maintenance and logistics services

QAD Planning Schedule and Shipping Schedule

Connect the scheduling in your information systems with your customers and suppliers to reduce average lead times without increasing inventory. Just-In-Time (JIT) supply chain is primarily used in the automotive industry but is also making its way into other consumer products and other sectors.

With QAD Planning Schedule and Shipping Schedule, you get:

  • Compliance with automotive standards for communication between suppliers and customers
  • Time saved by sales officers recording schedules and call-offs and submitting the information to production and shipping
  • Time saved in purchasing and warehouse personnel ordering and receiving materials
  • Reduced procurement costs by reducing the purchase price and shortening delivery times
  • Flexible and fast response to customer requirements
  • Increased speed and flexibility in supplier response to changes in your material requests

Customer features

  • Records of general contracts for product deliveries to customers, including all financial and logistic parameters
  • Continuous records of customer product delivery outlooks (schedules, forecasts) and final Shipping Schedule (orders of specific quantities for a particular date or even time) in the format sent by the customer, including previous message history complete with revisions
  • Automatic generation of resulting shipping schedules from forecasts and call-offs according to rules set in the general contract. The final schedule can be modified before being submitted for production planning and shipping management
  • Shipping management, including barcode and QR code supported packaging complete with printing of internal and external identification labels in a customer specific format
  • Billing as per shipped quantities and data in agreements
  • Support for single shift, double shift, triple shift and continuous operations, in any combination
  • Special payroll calculation algorithms, including bonuses, extra pay and deductions
  • Electronic communication with public authorities and insurance companies.

Supplier features

  • Multiple suppliers that can be managed, active and capable of replacing each other
  • QAD uses the purchasing plan to generate orders (final Shipping Schedule) as well as purchasing outlooks (forecasts, schedules) to send them to suppliers so that they can prepare for future deliveries on time
  • Schedules and call-offs can be sent directly to supplier systems via QAD EDI eCommerce, shown in the m.b2b online portal, or sent by e-mail.

m.b2b online portal

The m.b2b online portal provides efficient communication for companies with information systems that do not contain EDI functionality and only require infrequent transactions with business partners. The m.b2b online portal makes it possible to buy and sell and to let your business partners, rather than your employees, handle the records.

With the m.b2b online portal, you get:

  • Time savings for your sales and purchasing officers
  • A new sales channel to approach a broader group of customers without increasing your sales costs
  • Control over deliveries from suppliers and insight into material in transit which leads to reductions in inventory
  • Time savings for warehouse personnel when receiving material by the ability to scan full pallets and automate receipt of their content

Portal features (Sales):

  • Customer records that can be sub-divided into regions
  • Communication with customers in their own language
  • Goods can be promoted according to the target regions
  • Products can be published on the portal by simply ticking the item in the information system
  • Photos and graphics of products can be simply uploaded
  • Selling prices are based on the pricing structure data in the information system, including any individual rates, reductions, quantity discounts etc.
  • Goods are ordered by simply placing them in the shopping cart. The portal informs the customer about any discounts and promotions and, optionally, about inventory levels
  • Once placed, the order is immediately available in the information system, which then plans production and manages shipping
  • Order confirmation and shipping information is automatically generated and sent to the customer by email

Portal features (Purchasing):

  • • A material supply agreement can be signed with a regular supplier through your portal, including the provision of any required credentials
  • • Supplier employee sign-in is managed by the portal
  • • Materials are automatically ordered by your information system from selected suppliers via the portal which also publishes your purchase orders, as well as any supplier schedules and call-offs
  • The supplier enters the shipped quantity via the portal, including packaging information about boxes and pallets. The portal then prints barcode labels for identification
  • Purchasers have complete visibility of materials in transit
  • Warehouse personnel only need scan the pallet labels upon receipt of the order as the information system already knows their content from the portal

With the QAD Configurator, you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors because your customers will be able to customise products to suit their needs but still get them in less time and at a lower cost. It also reduces the time spent by designers and process engineers on new product preparation helping to reduce development costs.

QAD Configurator

Avoid the costs and risks associated with custom development and high implementation. Let customers customise your products using the configurator while keeping your standard production with all its advantages. QAD Configurator is used by our customers to customise a range of products including cars, bikes, air conditioning units, skis, windows, roller blinds including dimensions and furniture.

With the QAD Configurator, you get:

  • The ability to stay one step ahead of your competitors because your customers will be able to customise products to suit their need but still get them in less time and at a lower cost
  • Reduction in the time spent by designers and process engineers on new product preparation helping to reduce development costs


  • QAD Configurator lets you predefine the sales configuration rules for each relevant product. The system then presents the customer with a smart list of options based on these rules which prevents the configuration of an impossible product.
  • QAD Configurator generates the selling price for the desired configuration.
  • Using predefined process rules, the system generates the newly manufactured intermediate products as well as the final product, combines them into BOMs, generates the working procedures with manufacturing operations, calculates the planned costs and submits these background documents to production planning and management.

QAD Customer Service

Do you sell complex products and provide aftersales services for them? QAD Customer Service (SSM – Service Support Management) helps you manage this better.

With QAD Customer Service, you get:

  • Loyal customers that are satisfied with your products and the associated services provided
  • Efficient services that generate profit for the company


  • Set up the structure of your service resources (for example, technicians and their specialisation, service centres etc.)
  • Records customer information – products sold, their serial numbers and location at customer site
  • Records warranty and post-warranty maintenance agreements including delivery terms and conditions and pricing of maintenance services including user-definable periodic maintenance fees
  • Service BOMs and practices
  • Managed service call records including the generation of regular maintenance requests from contracts as well as assignment of calls and requests to service personnel by location and expertise
  • Records activities in response to service requests including labour, spare parts and costs
  • Billing as per service responses and contract

QAD Decision Support

Correct decision-making is essential for the success of your company, from the highest executive positions to the everyday operations of individual employees. The key to making the right decision is knowledge, experience and timely access to information that is accurate and up to date. Tools to support your decision-making that are seamlessly integrated in your system remove the worry and cost of buying additional specialised management BI tools and painstakingly connecting them to your information system.

With QAD Decision Support, you get:

  • Decision-making based on the most up to date information represented by simple visuals, with the ability to drill down into a detailed analysis of the causes and implications
  • A clear indication of priorities using a traffic light system based on cause analysis
  • jDecision-making boards prepared according to the industry specific requirements
  • The ability to quickly and easily build your own custom boards using metrics and data from your information system without the need to create a separate data warehouse


  • Analyse sales performance in terms of total sales, gross profit and quantity sold by product, customer and sales representative
  • Analyse purchasing in terms of total sales, gross profit and quantity sold by product, customer and sales representative
  • Analyse production in terms of capacity unit utilisation and efficiency, OEE, work order delays, actual production costs compared with planned costs, downtime, scrap rates including their underlying causes
  • Financial management for the individual entities over which QAD issues consolidated financial statements. Within these entities, management of divisions or cost centres can be analysed separately or in combination in terms of measuring receivables and payables
  • The correct use of QAD ERP is monitored using a hundred predefined indicators which allows the immediate identification of any issues. By clicking on any indicator, you can look to identify the underlying cause and ensure a timely fix as well as preventing the deterioration of overall sales, purchasing, manufacturing and financial indicators

Do you want to improve performance and efficiency in your business?