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Within the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation, Minerva Czech Republic implements an ERP application environment development programme supported by EU funds.

The Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation is a central policy of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade and is used to determine the financial aid provided to enterprises in the Czech Republic, both from the state budget and from the European Union

Description of project 2.2 ITS03/073 “Development of the Application Environment for ERP”“

1. Objectives
The main objective of the project is to create specialised software to facilitate and simplify extensions of ERP system functionality, at the level of individual functions as well as entire modules.
The basic goal is to create a highly sophisticated solution to increase programming productivity and contribute to significantly shortening the time to respond to individual customer and market requests
The final product will enable a smooth extension of the range of functionality of existing solutions and the creation of completely new software systems with a defined modular structure and significant elimination of errors.

2. Description
The most important attribute of the system will be the ability to create a functional program and application module according to user defined properties. Due to its modular and defined structure, the final product will enable easy modification and adaptation to any potential changes in technology.
The basic tool of the system will be the Application Layer Generator which will be used to create new functions and integrate external applications in the ERP system environment.
The resulting application will always be built with an advanced four-tier architecture.

3. Benefits for the applicant
The increased flexibility in responding to customer requests will enable the extension of existing local customisation options. The integration of missing functionality sets will be simplified and accelerated. These two innovative features will make it possible to action more requests for existing customers while improving the chance of winning new customers. The application will also improve programming productivity, unify the software structure, streamline further customisation and upgrades, as well as limit the number of errors.

4. Benefits for customers
The solution will primarily be used by customers running QAD ERP in the areas of manufacturing and distribution.
Main benefits include: improved customer care, increased agility of response to customer requests, extended local customisation options, integration of new functionality sets, reduced error rates, user friendly GUI, application of state-of-the-art technologies, simplified upgrades, improved functionality and operating parameters of the system.


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