While many IT capital projects fail and do not meet their projected success criteria, at Minerva, our implementation service seeks to not only meet but also exceed any projected and expected benefits. It goes without saying that the project needs to be completed on time and within budget. Minerva always guarantees successful implementation by using the right people with the right experience, combined with a proven methodology and infrastructure. For proof of successful implementation projects please see the list of references.



Consulting can prove to be the key factor for success when implementing complex integrated systems. It can be a real challenge for the entire organisation, as well as a perfect opportunity to prove the existing work procedures, production and distribution processes, people, organisational structure, supplier-customer relationships and more.

Minerva’s team of dedicated experts has gained experience in over a hundred local installations, making it possible to concentrate our efforts effectively and maximise the potential of each customer with a focus on profit optimisation.

Project Leadership

Minerva provides a comprehensive programme of pre- and post-implementation services and support. We work with each customer to plan the work in order to achieve one hundred percent of the expected and agreed benefits. The first step is to draft a project plan using our proven implementation methodology that is tailored to the needs of each particular customer. Our project managers then manage and steer the project, focussing constantly on achieving the project objectives on time and within budget. We evaluate each completed project in detail in terms of its strengths and weaknesses so that we are continually improving our knowledge. This helps ensure the ever-increasing quality of implementation. Our experience in successful implementation projects can also be demonstrated by the fact that we have been implementing QAD EA in Czech and Slovakian companies since 1993!

As such, Minerva offers significant expert potential for the planning and coordination of implementations across multiple plants or in an international setting. We will advise you if it is better to implement the system in stages or simultaneously in its entirety. When your system goes live, it is continuously monitored by our Customer Support to ensure it is operating at optimum performance within the ever-changing business environment.

Training and Education

Training and education are key aspects of our implementation services. They are also the areas where the highest Return on Investment (ROI) can be achieved. Training the project team members correctly at the right time increases the likelihood of successfully completing the project on time and within budget. MRPII philosophy training is the first step to establish a common platform that the project team can build upon. The team will be trained for the basic functions of QAD EA, with advanced functionality training available as an option. Specialised courses are organised as required. All the courses can be held either in Minerva’s dedicated training centre or on-site. E-courses are also available for Minerva’s clients and cover both the functionality of QAD EA as well as the latest global trends in enterprise management. The e-learning tools let you set up a continuous training plan for your employees, including testing.

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