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Quality Management

Quality Management

Product quality is crucial. QAD sets up controls in the material flow to evaluate quality allowing you to take corrective and preventive measures.

  • Do you need batch traceability? Set the items to be batched and QAD will take care of the rest
  • Upon material receipt, QAD recognises whether the quality is guaranteed by the supplier or whether input checks needs to be performed. It generates the quality order, including the tests required and confirms its evaluation after the results are entered
  • In production, QAD ensures the inter-operation checks exactly as defined and blocks any NOK pieces
  • Do you need to be completely certain about the quality of the products shipped? Set up finished product checks
  • Do you wish to fully automate quality management, including the documentation and corrective actions? Implement QAD QMS

QAD QMS - Quality Management Control

QAD QMS is a comprehensive quality management tool. It is integrated with the QAD Enterprise System but can also be implemented as a standalone solution or linked to other information systems.

With QAD QMS, you get:

  • Reduced cost of quality assurance through process automation
  • Compliance with standards required by the customers and certification authorities
  • Time savings in quality assurance by quality, personnel, production and warehouse staff


  • QAD QMS contains a quality process generation tool to generate user-defined rules, forms, alerts, escalations, notifications and workflow for quality data collection and evaluation
  • User defined boards can be created to support decisions with analysis and key indicators
  • Predefined libraries are available to cover the most common scenarios:
    • Document management – fully featured document management including automatic version control complete with revision history
    • Audits – organise and plan audits, define teams, data collection questionnaires and manage corrective actions
    • CAPA complaints to suppliers and customer complaints – collect information about complaints, alerts and escalations. 3D and 8D reports
    • APQP quality planning – specifications of products and processes, BOM and procedure, FMEA documentation, quality plan, operator instructions and PPAP
    • Quality tests – a test invokes APQP or an event in the information system. QMS specifies the testing requirements, evaluates the results and releases or blocks inventory

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