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Human Resources

Pay roll, HR management, electronic attendance, employee meals etc. form an integral part of business processes.

  • The m.payroll module is a great tool to increase the efficiency of payroll processing, work calendar creation or the calculation of time wage or piece-work wage calculation, including bonuses, extra pay or deductions. It provides system support for a number of operational modes, ranging from single shift to continuous operations
  • The system part of m.HR will monitor the validity of the medical exams or regular training of your employees for you
  • With m.electronic attendance, you can keep records of employee attendance electronically, introduce an access control system and, thus, prevent unauthorised people from entering specifics company locations
  • The payroll calculation process, on the basis of attendance data, can be automated by simply integrating the m.payroll and m.electronic attendance modules

Human Resources

Increase HR and payroll data processing efficiency. Use the data recorded in the electronic attendance system and control access to your premises.

With Human Resources, you get:

  • Payroll administration in accordance with applicable legislation, including support in the event of legislative changes
  • Time savings from streamlined payroll and personnel data processing
  • Integration between payroll and attendance modules
  • The ability to manage and control employee access


  • Definable work calendars
  • Support for single shift, double shift, triple shift and continuous operations - in any combination
  • A variety of payroll calculation algorithms, including bonuses, extra pay and deductions
  • Electronic communication with public authorities and insurance companies
  • Automatic medical exam and training validity monitoring
  • Definable corporate employee structure
  • A link between the attendance and payroll modules enables real-time attendance data to be used for payment calculations
  • System support for employee access control

Electronic Attendance

Electronic Attendance m.attendance enables you to manage access to your resources via smart cards with access and attendance sensors.

With Electronic Attendance, you get:

  • Combined access control and attendance system functionality by recording the movement and location of people via smart cards
  • A link to HR data in the m.payroll module
  • Real-time transmission of records


  • Restrict attendance for a given period
  • Manage overtime hours and rates and the use and transfer of compensatory leave
  • Absence records and other information for payroll processing are automatically generated with attendance records used as the basis for payroll processing
  • The access module can be used to control personnel access to individual facilities as well as vehicular entry onto the site
  • A variety of identification media can be used including contactless cards, key fobs, magnetic cards and fingerprints
  • We can supply the software module, including many types of attendance and access readers
  • We can integrate with your existing attendance hardware and software systems
  • In some instances, additional hardware may not be required as the ADC Barcodes application can be used to record arrivals and departures from the workplace
  • The connection to your existing attendance system can be performed at multiple levels:
    • Full utilisation of the existing attendance system, i.e. leaving the current attendance system in place and creating a communication interface between the current attendance system and the m.payroll module
    • Leaving the hardware of the current attendance system in place and establishing connection to the m.attendance software at the level of data transfer passing through the attendance sensors
    • Retaining only the existing identification media and replacing the rest of the attendance system (hardware and software) with the m.attendance system


A powerful, flexible payroll processing system with a single, up to date database containing information that can be made available at all levels of company management. Attention is paid to integration with the QAD Enterprise Applications system, especially the production and financial modules. The system provides efficient tools for acquiring, retrieving and presenting important payroll data.

With m.payroll, you get:

  • Increased efficiency of payroll data processing
  • Allows timely responses to changes in legislation and internal payroll considerations
  • Minimised errors by staff


  • m.payroll provides a unique algorithmic approach which makes it very easy to update the payroll calculation process without the need for modifying the application software
  • m.payroll has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of manufacturing and distribution organisations and their specific demands in terms of payroll processing
  • It contains the following areas of functionality:
    • Work calendars and working hour records
    • Basic HR capabilities
    • Output for MS Word
    • Clearing
    • Personal files
    • Employment commencement report in the Czech Republic
    • Output information service

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