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Community Engagement

Industrial companies are not the only ones we help. The following projects have been supported by Minerva Czech Republic

Screenshot_2020-02-26 Hromadný tisk2 - 121-Honorable-Mention-Certificate-Kampi pdf(1).png

2019: Honorable mention for a socially responsible company

Acknowledgment for the active support of employer of people with disabilities , with which cooperated in the supply of office supplies in 2019 year.By this responsible behavior in the social sphere contributed to long-term reduction of unemployment people with disabilities in Czech republic and their meaningful employment in the protected labor market.

Honorable Mention PDF

IT Fest 2017

22016 - 2017: Financial support for IT Fest

IT FEST, a music event by and for IT professionals, as well as other information technology aficionados. There are bands featuring various IT people, from directors to technicians, playing all types of musical instruments. For more see www.itfest.cz

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