Business Process Analysis


Information systems are now considered an obvious component of business processes, usually running in the background and invariably automatically. All the process optimisation steps are made by Minerva’s specially trained expert consultants whose expertise is guaranteed by experience acquired from over a hundred projects in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and elsewhere. This ensures the professional management and effective deployment of our implementation teams to maximise the potential of each customer. In the implementation of complex integrated systems and the optimisation of related business processes, the expertise of the consultants/specialists has proved to be the key factor for success. The initial process optimisation steps are made as part of the current status analysis. This analysis describes the existing processes and determines the responsibilities of the process owners, including the data and organisational structures as well as material and data flows. Our greatest emphasis is placed on identifying the critical factors in the existing process models and on defining the detailed requirements specific to the relevant industry.

Working with the key employees of the company, this is how we find the opportunities to improve the overall process model. It means that users determine any amendments of the target processes by selecting the most appropriate variants that correspond to the company’s wider business strategy. The final output is a series of proposed organisation and personnel actions including definitions of responsibilities and competences . Everything works toward the single goal of improving the performance and quality of your business processes. This process analysis and optimisation is directly related to the implementation of the QAD information system. Our aim is to define a process model that becomes a part of everyday practice and that can be used to immediately deliver clear efficiency gains and flexibility improvements in specific business processes without overloading the key employees in the company.

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