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Improved planning with Siemens Opcenter Scheduling & Planning (Preactor)

Siemens Opcenter Scheduling & Planning (Preactor)

Have you mastered MRPII planning in your enterprise system and want to move to the next level to optimise your plan with advanced algorithms? Are you unhappy with the planning in your enterprise system and looking for a better planning tool? Siemens Opcenter Scheduling & Planning (Preactor) is a world-class solution that Minerva consultants have successfully implemented dozens of times with the QAD system as well as with other enterprise systems such as SAP, Infor or Scala.

With Siemens Opcenter Scheduling & Planning (Preactor), you get:

  • Reduced product manufacture and delivery time
  • Improved utilisation of manufacturing resources and reduced downtime due to missing materials
  • Time savings for production planners and workshop managers
  • Lower levels of work in progress


  • Long-term balancing of capacity load from the production plan using unlimited resource capacity. The purpose of this is to secure the resources necessary for the production plan. Realistic deadlines for new orders can be simulated
  • Medium-term planning to determine realistic capacity schedules and material availability using limited resource capacity
  • Short-term planning to optimise the work queue using limited primary and secondary resource capacity (machinery, tools, qualified operators, material availability). The optimisation algorithms seek to achieve the best results from the following KPIs:
    • Capability of meeting delivery deadlines
    • Inventory reduction
    • Intermediate storage volume reduction
    • Continuous production time
    • Tool-setting time
  • Minerva can extend the planning optimisation methods to suit your specific needs. We have implemented Preactor to manage painting lines, automated furniture production lines, etc.

Detailed production planning with Opcenter Scheduling and Planning APS by Siemens.

Do you want to improve performance and efficiency in your business?

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